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Collect the dolls you love!


  • Ball Jointed Dolls

    BJD's are resin dolls that can almost move like a real human being thru the use of ball joints. This isn't a new concept, though. What's new about it is that the first BJD were made in Japan with an Asian esthetic.

  • Customizable Dolls

    These dolls can be posed like action figures, the parts are interchangeable and often they can be combined with other dolls to create hybrids.

  • Fashion Dolls

    Fashion dolls can be dressed and played with, styled to your wishes or simply be displayed for their artistic beauty.

  • Fashion

    Fashion for dolls

  • Shoes

    Shoes for dolls

  • Wigs

    Wigs for dolls

  • Eyes

    Eyes for dolls.

  • Eyelashes

    Eyelashes for dolls and people.
    Cut your eyelashes to length with our scissor tweezers, CLICK HERE.
    Glue your lashes on dolls with P.V.A. Glue, CLICK HERE.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for dolls

  • Furniture

    Furniture for dolls

  • Vehicles

    Vehicles for dolls.

  • Conservation

    For the care, protection and conservation of your dolls.