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Fashion Dolls

Fashion dolls can be dressed and played with, styled to your wishes or simply be displayed for their artistic beauty.


  • Barbie

    The iconic Barbie doll has been around since 1959, capturing the imagination of people with her many looks, professions, hobbies and lifestyles!

    Looking for more Barbie? We are selling our private collection on Facebook: 
    Barbie Dolls
    Barbie Books
    Barbie Shoes
    Barbie Clothes

  • Bratz

    Bratz are the ONLY girls with a passion for fashion!

  • Fleur

    For Otto Simon Fleur items we offer for sale, please visit our Etsy shop:

  • Kurhn

    Kurhn is a cute 13 year-old girl with a great sense of style. Her high quality garments, light make-up and porcelain-like pale skin really make her stand out from the crowd.

    Kurhn is a very good quality doll from China, she's 10 1/2" / 27 cm tall. She has bendable legs, her arms can swivel.

  • Gothic dolls

    Dolls befitting a gothic lifestyle.

  • Sindy

    For Pedigree and Hasbro Sindy items we offer for sale, please visit our Etsy shop:

  • Monster High

    Be yourself. Be unique. Be a monster! Monster High dolls have a unique style that appeals to lovers of monster movies, gothic culture and fans of rockin' looks.

  • Disney

    Play out your favorite Disney stories with these pretty dolls.

  • Other dolls

    Miscellaneous dolls from various periods and styles.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items