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1/4 scale feet for a ball jointed doll girl or boy body.

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Size1/4 40-45 cm MSD
CompositionPolyurethane resin
Includes BodyblushingNo
Type of toyDoll
Type of productDoll Feet
Foot width22 mm
Foot length52 mm

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Included: feet for doll body ( without S-hooks or ball joints )

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Ball Jointed Dolls, also called ( not always correctly ) Super Dollfie, are very special Asian dolls.

BJD's are resin dolls that can almost move like a real human being through the use of ball joints. This isn't a new concept, though. What's new about it is that the first BJD's were made in Japan with an Asian esthetic.

The first company to bring BJD's on the market was Volks. They started out with the Super Dollfie line. Mind you, Super Dollfie are the large resin dolls, while Dollfie are the 1/6 vinyl dolls and Dollfie Dream are vinyl and ABS dolls. Most people first hear about BJD's under the name Dollfie, which is technically incorrect but a lot easier to remember.

The fun thing about BJD's is that they can be customized to one's own taste. You can change the eyes, the wig, clothes, accessories, etc. Some companies even offer different hands, leg parts, feet, bust parts, etc. Besides the standard option of customization, many people choose to give their dolls a face-up (facial paint) of their liking.
Other people venture out into modding, this means they will change the basic appearance of the doll by drilling holes, sanding down parts, adding parts with apoxy sculpt, etc.
The end result is a doll that is made to the owner's personal taste.

Ofcourse, you can also just choose a default (standard factory) face-up on a doll and be done with it, if you're not the customizing type. Many companies offer gorgeous full set dolls as well, where the doll will be shipped to you with everything you need; wig, eyes, clothing, shoes, face-up, accessories, etc.

One of the aspects of these dolls is to give them a personality and a fictional life. It's kind of like role playing, only you're voicing it thru a 3-d character. Sometimes you choose the doll's character up front or buy a doll that suits your character.  Other times, you wait untill the doll arrives for their character to develop over time. Either way is fun! The doll's characters can interact with eachother through websites, forums, on meetings, etc.

And then there is the personal fun you can have with them by making photostories or simply trying to capture their beauty on film. Because they pose so realistically, it's a challenge to modify them to look even more real. This can be done by wiring ( pulling a coated metal wire thru the limbs) and sueding ( adding something like hot glue to make the surface between the joints a little rougher ). This causes a doll to be able to pose in almost any position, within the limits of the dolls posing range, ofcourse.

Another fun aspect is the community, all around the world there are meetings for owners of BJD's. They gather together to take pictures, talk, swap gifts, play storylines and whatnot. People like admiring eachother's dolls when they attend meetings, and showing off theirs. The fun thing is the individuality of each doll at meetings. Even if there are more dolls of the same manufacturer and mold, people recognize each doll's character and enjoy the differences in taste.

In general, BJD's that are made in Japan, China and Korea are referred to as ABJD ( Asian Ball Jointed Dolls ) . There are also American, Russian and European companies and artists that offer BJD's, they have very different esthetics to suit more tastes!

What you need to know before ordering:

- orders can only be placed by individuals of 18 years and above. If you are younger, we need a written conscent of your parent(s) or guardian(s) before we can accept your order.

- almost all dolls are made to order, we have a small stock but please prepare for a long waiting period.

- a face-up is the facial paint as can be seen in the pictures, unless otherwise specified. Face-ups are little works of art, produced by hand and they can easily damage with use (dressing/undressing, touching with your hands, rubbing, etc.). This does not constitute a right to return the doll.

- all dolls can be delivered in a selection of skin colors, please note with your order which type you prefer.

- all Ball Jointed Dolls have seams. Some companies offer the service to remove these by sanding before shipping, other companies do not. In many cases it is perfectly normal that you have to sand the seams yourself. This is a trait of the product, as BJDs are intended to spark your creativity by working on them.

- little differences in color in the resin and near the seams (especially with special colors like Tan/Coffee) are normal. This is mostly because the seams have been sanded, but it can also be due to the fact that BJDs are handmade and this process can not be controlled entirely.

- little air bubbles can be present in the resin, especially with BJDs by small companies and artists. If the air bubbles are appearent in the face or in a spot that can easily break, the quality is insufficient and the doll can be returned. If the air bubbles are in an inconspicuous place, such as the rim of the head, the back of the head or in a spot that can not easily damage such as the leg, back, etc. it is a trait of the product.


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Tabi Feet / Beauty White Skin BF / 1/4 BJD

Tabi Feet / Beauty White Skin BF / 1/4 BJD

1/4 scale feet for a ball jointed doll girl or boy body.

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