About us

On 30-12-2016 Think Pink! Atelier has closed, we will continue as a webshop only.

Opening Atelier

On sunday 08-02-2009 Think Pink! Atelier has opened on the Van Trieststraat 6 in Nijmegen (the Netherlands)!

The shop is romantically styled in neo-baroque in our signature colors and will host an art-studio for our services (face-ups, restringing, sueding, etc.), a store and a cozy little lounge.

Doll art will also be offered from various artists, as well as handmade clothing and accessories and previously owned items.

From time to time we will host crea-meetings where a specific topic is practiced, such as face-ups, stringing, sueding, bodyblushing, sewing, etc.

We encourage artists to leave their flyers and other promotional materials with us, so we can hand them out to our customers.

We hope to meet you there someday!

Marcia en Joyce Waterreus

Enjoy everything we have to offer: certainty, honest prices and convenient shopping. Let yourself be surprised with a visit to our Atelier as well.

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Our shop in August 2014, by WennieBJD

Documentary, 2012

Sinterklaas, 2011, by FreakyGait