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Elastic Round Cord White 2mm


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Elastic cord white for restringing BJD.

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Size1/6 19-32 cm SLIM YoSD
CompositionElastic / Rubber
Type of productDoll Parts Other

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Elastic round cord white 2mm suitable for yo-sd BJD Dolls.
For sale per meter, if you order more than 1 meter it will be 1 piece unless you request otherwise.

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Restringing of Ball Jointed Dolls:

Restringing 1
I used the original elastic of the doll to restring it. The doll was very floppy, so I tied the knot a little lower to provide more tension.
Restringing 2
Use a stringing tool to pull the cord straight trough the armholes. Make sure that the knot ends up in the center of his body (you can see it through the lower part of the torso).
Restringing 3
This is what it should look like.
Restringing 4
This is what it should look like.
Restringing 5

Now pull the upper arm part through.

It's easier if you put a hemostat on the side you are currently not stringing. If you have it, you can put another one under the upper arm to hold the tension and give you some working space.

Restringing 6
Pull the lowerarm and if this is a part of your doll, the ball through (sometimes the ball is attachted to the lowerarm or the hand). Place the hemostat under the ball now.
Restringing 7
Hook the hand back and hold it well. You need to ease it back to the lowerarm when you remove the hemostat. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for the other arm.
Restringing 8
Now take the cord for the lower body part. Fold in in half an pull one side through the lower body.
Restringing 8
Clamp a hemostat on the side you pulled through and pull the other side through. Make sure they are about even in length.
Restringing 9
Put a hemostat on the part of the elastic that is sticking out of the lower body. Pull the upper leg part through.
Restringing 10
Put a hemostat under the upper leg and pull the lower leg thru, hook the foot back.
Restringing 11
Repeat steps 10 and 11. Now pull the elastic up a bit (out of the lower body), take the hemostat off and place it back lower.
Restringing 11
Pull the elastic through the torso and take the lower hemostat off. Put a hemostat above the neckopening.
Restringing 12
Pull the elastic through the head. 
Restringing 13
Fasten the s hook to the elastic and if necessary to the headcap, now take the hemostat off.


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Elastic Round Cord White 2mm

Elastic Round Cord White 2mm

Elastic cord white for restringing BJD.

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